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Looking For Moms & Dads To RecognizeHelotes Humane Society Celebrates Sweet 16:A Decade & Six Years of Compassion & CareBy StaffH ighlights Publications wants to recognize mothers and fathers of all ages. How many of you have ever wanted to let your parents know how much you appreciate them? Well, why not make it public and show them how much you care? We are giving you the perfectopportunity to do so.Highlights Publications is doing a specialsection to honor Moms in the May edition and a special section to honor Dads in the June edition. It will be a great keepsake for you and for them. They will be totally surprised and it will make a great gift fromthe heart. Tell us why your mom or dad is special to you and keep at 150 to 250 words max.Is it because of what they did and/or still do for you? Or how they helped you become the person you are today? We will highlight as many submissions as possible. We will be selecting one mother and one father to receive a $50. Please send your submissions with contact information and photo via email to Deadline for Mother’s Day articles is April 12 and deadline for Father’s Day articles is May 10, 2024.Submitted By Helotes Humane SocietyT he Helotes Humane Society is thrilled to announce its sixteenth year of dedicated service to the community. On this momentous occasion, we celebrate not only our longevity but also the countless lives we’ve touched and theanimals we’ve helped find loving homes. Founded March 17, 2008, the Helotes Humane Society has been steadfast in its mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals in need. Over the past sixteen years, we have worked tirelessly to provide medical care, shelter, and love to animals who have faced neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Through our dedicated team of volunteers, generous donors, and supportive community, we have been able to make a significant impact on the lives ofanimals and the people who love them.As we commemorate our sixteenth birthday, we reflect on the milestones we’ve achieved and the challenges we’ve overcome. From humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone of animal welfare in the Helotes area, we are grateful for the support and encouragement we’vereceived every step of the way.To celebrate this special occasion, theHelotes Humane Society will be hosting a series of events throughout the year,including adoption drives, fundraising campaigns, and community outreach initiatives. We invite all members of the community to join us in celebrating our Sweet 16 and continuing our mission of compassion and care for animals in need.“We are incredibly proud to reach this milestone anniversary,” said Lisa Neitzel/ Executive Director. “It is a testament to the dedication and passion of our volunteers, staff, and supporters who have made the Helotes Humane Society what it is today. As we look to the future, we remain committed to our mission and to making a positive difference in the lives of animals and our community.”For more information about the Helotes Humane Society and to get involved in our Sweet 16 celebrations, please visit or follow us on social media @heloteshumane.Harmony School of Science Hosted Aerial Drone CompetitionLooking To Celebrate Your High School GradSubmitted By Harmony School Of ScienceH armony Public schools student drone teams from all around Texas met at Harmony School of Science March 2nd to take flight against each other for top drone honors in the Mission 2024: Eclipse Aerial DroneCompetition.This is the first year that HarmonySchool of Science hosted the Aerial Drone Competition, principal. Mr. Murati states “He couldn’t be happier to host and allow the students an opportunity to compete on HSS turf. He welcomes all and wishes good luck to all participants.”The mission 2024 Eclipse is hosted by the Robotics, Education, and Competition Foundation, which allows students to learn engineering and programming by building their own ready-to-fly drone and autonomously navigating the drone through an obstacle course. Teams also learn about drone flight principles, documentation, and communication skills. Harmony Public Schools is proud to offer their students opportunities such as these to showcase talents and put their STEM skills to work.T he Class of 2024 will always be remembered for rising to the occasion with poise,determination, and grace.Highlights Publications would liketo congratulate our seniors and their accomplishments. Is there a special graduate in your life?Is there a senior whom you’d like to recognize? We want to know all about him or her.Simply send us a photo of your grad along with a write-up telling us what makesthem so amazing to info@highlightspub. com. To make our next issue, please send in by May 10, 2024. Please keep at no more than 160 words and not less than 100 words. In the subject line, please put high school grad.Be sure to include their name, what high school they attend, their plans for after graduation along with any awards, scholarships they might have received. We love sharing “good news” and what’s better than celebrating the Class of 2024? They deserve it!4www.alamoranchhighlights.comApril 2024

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