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OnTheCover: VivaFiesta!BSy Sally Kalospring is finally here – the weather isBattle of San Jacinto, has evolved over the past 133 years into an event that celebrates San Antonio’s culture, heritage, and diversity.So, while today we celebrate the Alamo City by eating chicken on a stick and sipping on mangonadas, cracking confetti-filled cascarones and collecting fun medals, and wearing eccentric hats and colorful guayaberas, let’s take a moment toremember our past and acknowledge the beginnings of our great city – and Fiesta is the perfect way to do so.nice (most days, that is!), flowers areblooming, and Fiesta is finally back! While we know Fiesta as the event that brings all of San Antonio together for 11 days of fun, the history of the festival proves itissomuchmorethanjust“abigparty.”What began as a way to pay tribute to the fallen war heroes of the Alamo and theBy Kathi HolzschuherR o y a l C o u r t R a i s i n g Fu n d s Fo r S a n A n t o n i oF iesta Royalty holds a significant position in the San Antonio community. However, it’s muchmore than crowns, Coronas, and cascaron confetti. The members of Fiesta Royalty are actively representing the San Antonio area through heavy-duty fundraising and a year of non-stop events, all while working, attending school, and running businesses. Fiesta San Antonio was established in 1891 to commemorate the Battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto heroes. Nine new members serve as Fiesta Royalty every year, each for a one-year term. A participating member organization sponsors each royal member. It is responsible for supporting charitable activities that benefit the San Antonio community. Royalty members actively promote and raise funds for a local charity.The Queen of the Order of The Alamo is elected annually to reign over Fiesta and is crowned at a formal coronation. The Order exists to educate its members and the public about the history of the Independence of Texas and the Battle of San Jacinto. This year’s crowning event is on April 24.Miss Fiesta San Antonio, Ciara DavilaMiss Fiesta San Antonio, Ciara Davila, graduated from Sandra Day O’Connor High School and is currently attending The University of Texas at San Antonio. Ciara is sponsored by the Fiesta San Antonio Commission, which supports over 100 non- profit organizations.Annika Chapa, this year’s Charro Queen, attends Brandeis High School and is sponsored by the Asociacion de Charros de San Antonio. Chapa’s role is to raiseCharro Queen, Annika Chapaawareness of the history, traditions, and culture of the Mexican sport of charreria, which involves horseback riding combined with various forms of rodeo.La Reina De La Feria De Las Flores Alexandria WerthmanFiesta 2024 has its first Hawaiian Pacific Islander on the court! Alexandria Werthman is La Reina de la Feria de las Flores, sponsored by The Texas Cavaliers. The Cavaliers “encourage, foster, support and conduct activities and programs to benefit Texas children.” Alexandria is a recent graduate of the University of The Incarnate Word.Queen Of Soul, London Nikol KeilerThe San Antonio Queen of Soul 2024, London Nikol Keiler, is sponsored by the San Antonio Queen of Soul. This organization is dedicated to the “educational aspirations of young African-American women in the San Antonio area” and holds a firm belief that education can transform lives and communities.Fiesta Teen Queen, Ryan ScrimpshireRyan Scrimpshire, sponsored by the Woman’s Club of San Antonio, serves as Fiesta Teen Queen. The Club promotes “mutual improvement and cooperation in all charitable and educational undertakings that pertain to the greater good of humanity.”Miss San Antonio, Katya LopezMiss San Antonio, Katya Lopez, sponsored by Scholarship San Antonio, promotes scholarships for women in Texas. Scholarship SA endeavors to assist women with higher education expenses through pageant competitions. Lopez will also serve as an ambassador for the City during her reign.King Antonio, Scott ChristyKing Antonio, Scott Christy, is also sponsored by the Texas Cavaliers. The Cavaliers, which have 600 members, support San Antonio area charities and sponsor the annual Fiesta River Parade, where all proceeds benefit their charitable foundation.Rey Feo, John McFaddenRey Feo (Ugly King), John McFadden, is sponsored by the Rey Feo Scholarship Foundation, whose mission is to “financially support the aspiration of deserving high school seniors to obtain a College/ University education regardless of race, color, religion or gender.” McFadden is co- founder of Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory and is all but a dissertation on a PhD in Christian Counseling.Congratulations to this year’s royal court! When you see them out and about during Fiesta, remember to thank them for their efforts on behalf of San Antonio. And remember, the dollars you spend at Fiesta are all for the greater good of our beautiful city.6www.alamoranchhighlights.comApril 2024

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