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The Alamo Ranch Artists League Supporting Alamo Ranch Lions ClubTSubmitted By Jay Hallhe Lions Club is the world’s largest service club best known for its vision and hearing work.Having been inspired by Helen Keller, Lions continue to collect used eye glasses and hearing aids. These are sanitized and given to those who may benefit.Lions are people who volunteer their time to humanitarian efforts. Founded in 1917, the association’s motto is “We Serve.” Locally, Alamo Ranch Lions screen school students for vision problems through Lions KidSight USA, provide disaster relief to needy victims, and provide local community support to the food bank and veterans. We also provide support and serve the Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville, TX, a residential camping facility for children with physical disabilities such as Type 1 diabetes, physical handicaps, burn victims, cancer patients and more.100% of all proceeds collected at Lions Club fundraisers are used to support local and national charities, such as Lions KidSight USA and Texas Lions Children’s Camp, international disasters and so muchOBy Dr. Donna Beckervarian failure, when the ovaries finally stop secreting estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone,may begin as early as the 3rd decade of life. The earliest symptom may be insomnia and awakening feeling suddenly very warm in the middle of the night. Progesterone, the first hormone to decline, is responsible for regular periods, calmness of mind, and peaceful sleep. Lack of testosterone may present as complete disdain for sex, lack of motivation and sometimes as indifference to life. “I just don’t care about anything, certainly not sex,” said one patient. As estradiol levels begin to wane, vaginal dryness develops into atrophy, shrinkage of the vagina to a tight, dry opening prone to itching. “It feels like I am being torn,” one patient’s description of previously joyous marital relations.Many times, a woman may visit her doctor, even a gynecologist, who will prescribe an antidepressant along with a sleeping pill. Now the woman has a new diagnosis, “Depression,” and maybe in her own mind, “crazy”. The dryness of the vagina may be treated by a tiny amount of a cream derived from pregnant mare’s urine. Hard to believe, I know, but this is the pharmaceutical hormone cream commonly prescribed. I have seen this type of patient at the free 15 minute consult: “I don’t know if you can help me”. With sad face and much sighing, she describes loss of interest, insomnia, hot flashes, and moodiness. “My doctor said it will all be better in about 2-3Del Webb Hill Country RetreatArts & Crafts FestivalFREE Admission • FREE Parking Over 60 VendorsWhen: Sat. Oct. 21, 2023 10 am-4pm Sun. Oct. 22, 2023 11am-3pmWhere: 4550 Del Webb Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78253@alamoranchartistsleaugeFESTIVAL BENEFITS LIONS CLUB AND OTHER CHARITIESTired of suffering from Allergies?October 2023www.alamoranchhighlights.com9more.Your purchase of food during the Arts& Crafts festival on October 20 & 21 will benefit the work they do for sight, hearing, childhood disabilities and international disasters.See arts & crafts ad on this page.What We Treat• Hay Fever, Nasal & Eye Allergy• Asthma• Sinusitis• Eczema & Hives• Food & Drug Allergy • Pet Allergies• Immune Disorders• Stinging Insects• Contact Dermatitisyears, but I can’t live like this!”Hot flashes and night sweats in somewomen last into their 8th decade.I touched her hand, “I can help you!” Iexplained that some researchers believe that any hormones, synthetic or bio- identical, could lead to cancer of the breast, uterus, or ovaries. I told her that some published articles also noted possible blood clot problems which could lead to a heart attack or stroke.And yes, not all women require hormones, but for the vast majority who do need them, restoration of hormones halts the decline.Call for free 15 min. consult:Dr Donna BeckerSpecializes in anti-aging & health maintenance medicine.(210) 545-5224 www.antiagingsa.comGet Your Vitality Back!Hometown Cleaning ServicesSPECIALS$160 4-HR Priority Cleaning. 15% OFF Initial CleaningFREE Estimates!Call Today! 210-438-7359 www.hometowncleaningtx.comAsk About OurDrops11840 Alamo Ranch Pkwy, Suite 80 San Antonio, TX 78253Veteran Owned Buisness210-764-6567 Premierallergytx.comFocus of Treatments:• Hormone restoration to healthy young adults levels• New Weightloss Medications • Thyroid issues• Hot Flashes/ Night Sweats• Moodiness, “Emotionality” • Loss of Libido• Brain Fog• Insomnia• Vitamin Deficiencies• Blood levels guide treatmentMen’s issues:Erectile, Dysfunction, Fatigue and Weight GainDr. Donna BeckerThe Enhancementof Life CenterCall to schedule your FREE consultation (210) 545-522414603 Huebner Rd,. Suite 2601 (Huebner & NW Military)www.antiagingsa.comJohn Freiler, MD

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