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Faith Campbell Aspires To Become An Orthodontist One DayFBy Sally Kalosaith Campbell, a freshman at Texas A & M San Antonio, recently transitioned from her high schoollife at Harmony Science Academy where she graduated this past May. Her high school journey was transformative, particularly due to the partnership Harmony had with SA Orthodontics.“The collaboration with SA Orthodontics really opened my eyes,” says Faith. “It gave me an invaluable hands-on experience in the dental field. The behind-the-scenes look I received solidified my decision to pursue a career in this area. The entire team, especially the women at SA Orthodontics, were always eager to answer questions and teach me various tasks in the clinic.”While she aspires to become anorthodontist, Faith’s interest in this field truly piqued during her junior year of high school and has been growing ever since. “I’m not yet certain which dental school I’d like to attend, but Chicago is certainly on my dream list,” she shares.But Faith’s experiences at Harmony Science Academy weren’t limited to the dental field. She also participated in the Service Leadership Society (SLS), often referred to as a mock government. This club is instrumental in shaping students into leaders by encouraging them to address real-world societal and political issues. The pinnacle of their efforts is to draft a bill and present it to other SLS groups in Austin.“Our group introduced a bill on qualified immunity,” Faith explains. “Its main aimwas to refine the definition of qualified immunity to close any loopholes that might permit unlawful behavior or injustices by police officers. Under our proposal, a panel comprising both police officers and citizens would evaluate if an officer’s actions were lawful before granting them qualified immunity.”While their bill gained traction within the Texas State Harmony Service Leadership Harmony organization and even reached the floor for consideration, it hasn’t advanced further. However, Faith considers it an enlightening experience on the workings of legislative processes.On a personal level, when asked aboutGet Ready For Fall Allergies Because They’re Headed Your WayA few simple tips will keep you sneeze and wheeze-free this falloff mold by cleaning gutters regularly and keeping home humidity below 60 percent. 3. Back to school, back to allergies? If your child suddenly has a constant runny nose, itchy eyes, a cough, and sneezing, they could be dealing with allergens in their classroom. Kids can be allergic to dust in the classroom, mold – often found in bathrooms and locker rooms – as well as dander from pets that other kids may bring in on clothing and backpacks. An allergist can help diagnose and manage their allergies or asthma.4. Dodging pollen means dodging symptoms: Whether it’s ragweed, or another type, keeping pollen out of your life means fewer allergy symptoms. Some simple tips can help. When you come in from outside leave your shoes at the door and throw your clothes in the washing machine. Shower and wash hair in the evening before bed so you’re not sleeping with pollen. Keep windows closed and run the A/C in both your home and your car.If allergy symptoms are getting in the way of doing the things you want to do, see a board-certified allergist. Dr. John Freiler, FACAAI, FAAAAI from Premier Allergy of Texas can help treat your symptoms and help you get your life on track. For more information about controlling fall allergies and asthma, visit https://www. John Freiler, MD (210) 764-6567 Premier Allergy TX www.premierallergytx. comFaith Campbell looks forward to a bright future.her inspiration, Faith doesn’t hesitate.“It’s my family,” she says warmly. “Their strength and resilience inspire me daily. Even in moments of self-doubt or laziness, they are my pillars, always supporting and encouraging me. The sacrifices they’ve made, and their varied life perspectives keep me driven. I hope to make them proud so they can celebrate my achievements as their own in the future.”By Dr. John Freiler, MD“Fall can arrive with bad allergy symptoms,” says allergist Dr. John Freiler. “Many people don’t realize if they spend time preparing now, they won’t get hit as hard with sneezing, runny noses and itchy eyes whenfall allergies descend.”Follow these tips to help you keep fall allergy symptoms under control:1. Fall? Warm temperatures make us think it’s still summer: Because fall allergies may start earlier and last longer, it’s important to begin taking your allergy medications at least two weeks before your symptoms normally start and continue until pollen counts have been down for about two weeks.2. Mold: Mold is an allergen that thrives in fall. In addition to growing on leaves after they have fallen, mold can be found anywhere there is water. If you are allergic to mold, the key to reducing it is moisture control. Be sure to clean standing water anywhere you find it. You can also help wardAlamo Ranch/151 Business Association TWelcomes Cornerstone Caregivinghe Alamo Ranch/151 Business Association welcomed newest Silver Member, Richard Rubio withCornerstone Caregiving. He was presented a plaque on August 28. The association looks forward to their involvement.Cornerstone Caregiving is a senior home care service that allows your loved ones to stay where they feel most comfortable, in their home in San Antonio & surrounding areas.Richard is a military Veteran that loves helping seniors and his fellow Veterans with their in-home care options. Cornerstone Caregiving Specializes in 24 hour care or has no minimum hours and can assist with 1hr service in assisting with the activities of daily living. Cornerstone Caregiving specializes in Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, Palliative Care and so much more.Cornerstone Caregiving of San Antonio are always accepting new patients and delivering the best quality of care.Seeking care over the weekend and nights? They got you covered with that too! Cornerstone Caregiving of San Antonio understands that each client has different and specific needs, therefore, they deliver personalized care to accommodate yourneeds.Richard Rubio of“Because you have more important things to do!”$30 OFF A Dream Clean$20 OFF Your First Checklist CleanBoth cannot be combinedwith other offers & Exp.10/31/2023Professional, Friendly, Fully Bonded & Insured 210-372-9970 www.maidaffordable.comCornerstone Caregiving can be reached at rrubio@ orcall (726)200- 5117 or visit 2023

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