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The Great Pupkin Pet Costume Contest ContestantsCoco The SkeletonRocky The Shark BoyBaylee - The Bumble BeeZula - The Bumble BeeGuinea DevilDilly A Fairy DogSimba The Good AngelBella The Bride Of FrankenwienieLuna As A Butterfly - Midnight As A BatGracee The ChiefSunny The PrisonerCammie - Bat GirlTiggy - Cat In The HatKhalessi - My Little PonyMax As The FlashInka Dinka Do The She DevilCammie -Cowgirl ReindeerPico As Hot StuffSasha The CowgirlSophia Rose LadybugTintas The WitchHoney & Lucky Justice PupsJeJe - Future Cornyval QueenMaisy The Firefighter Pup8 October 2023

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