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BLy Ann Newstead PT, DPT, PhDisten, what do you hear? Yes, that isyour body talking to you. It’s quietat times or very noisy and loud at other times. Please don’t ignore your body. Listen.What is your body telling you? Is it telling you to move? Or are you fearful of moving? When you have pain, it may be tellingyou something like this: “It’s time to get up from your chair – you are sitting too long!”Or something like this: “You are dizzy, try to move a little slower and stay in balance.”Whatever the case, you need to listen. We all do!When you take action early on, your body’s recovery time is less. Often you may think “This pain will go away”, or at leastListen To Your Body!you hope it will. With acute pain (less than one week after onset) healing time is less compared with chronic pain (which may last more than 3 to 6 months).When you act early with vertigo, dizziness, or lightheadedness, then you may be able to get to the root of the problem. Believe me – it is not only “aging.” There is a reason why you have vertigo.Your body is talking to you. Listen. Take action today. Early intervention is the best choice for your recovery!Good news: 2024 gives you an extra day! Leap into the next year! Get a hold on what your body is telling you!Call today for a free Discovery Consultation. Visit to begin your yearAHNew for your body’s Health and Wellness in 2024. Or call to find out more about how to join one of our classes: Balance, Floor Pilates, or Yoga weekly.Ann H. Newstead, PT,DPT, PhD, GCS, NCS14418 Old Bandera RoadHelotes, TX 78023 Ahnewphysicaltherapy.comIs Medicare Advantage Really An Advantage?BMy Mike Sosoedicare Advantage can havelower upfront costs, due tolittle or no premiums, and often includes benefits like dental, vision, and gym memberships to encourage enrollment. However, when serious issues require expensive treatment, Original Medicare with Medigap provides more choices, quicker diagnostics, and lower outof pocket costs which could be better.Most seniors do not realize enrolling in Medicare Advantage, or Plan C, is an alternative to Original Medicare and moves them to private insurance who assume 100% responsibility for their care. Most plans require preauthorization for services like diagnostics, treatment, and surgeryproviders. Most also require maximum out of pocket coinsurance ranging from $2,500 to $12,000 per year and limit you to network providers.Original Medicare on the contrary allows patients to see any provider that accepts Medicare. No preauthorization is required for Medicare approved services, and with a Medicare Supplement, also called Medigap, maximum out-of-pocket expenses are only $240 in 2024 (on Plan G) for all Medicare approved care.Also, if you develop serious health issues while on Medicare Advantage and want to get back on Original Medicare, you can move but may not qualify for Medigap. For this reason, I usually recommend OriginalBecause Medicare Advantage is an alternative to Original Medicare, Medicare does allow you to move back to Original Medicare twice every year: October 15th to December 7th and January 1st to March 31st (right now.)If you are on Medicare Advantage and want to see if Original Medicare is best for you, we can review your situation, see if you qualify for Medigap, and make recommendations to meet your needs and budget. Or, if you are on Original Medicare and Medigap premiums have increased, we can shop to find you equal or better coverage at lower cost.Mike SossoFor a no obligation consultation call(210) 972-9035 or visit www.getinsurancesmart.comMike Sosso, a Helotes resident since 1996, has been helping seniors understand and get the best value out of Medicare since 2005.O Blue Knights Texas Chapter 12 Gives Back To The Senior Community Submitted By Tony Guerrerowhich can delay or even deny coverage for Medicare with Medigap when you qualify.n Saturday, December 2, 2023, the Helotes Chapter of the Blue Knights Law EnforcementMotorcycle Club delivered Christmas goody bags to the residents at Honey’s House of Helotes which is a senior assisted living facility. The Blue Knights are an international non-profit fraternal organization consisting of active and retired law enforcement officers who enjoy riding motorcycles and promoting motorcycle safety. In addition to local community support, the organization has contributed over $18 million to various charities throughout the world.For this event, the Blue Knights Texas Chapter 12 (Helotes) rode their motorcycles to Honey’s House and delivered the goody bags to the residents. They were assisted by the Helotes Police Department which provided an escort for the motorcycle riders. When the Blue Knights arrived on their motorcycles and a giant shopping cart, they were met by some of the waiting residents and staff. In addition to delivering the goody bags, the Blue Knights provideddoughnuts and sang Christmas songs to the residents. The Blue Knights also visited with the residents learning their history and previous occupations. One of the ladies had been a schoolteacher, one of the men was a military security police officer in Germany and another lady worked at the Navy Exchange at Pearl Harbor.“ Like A Good Neighbor State Farm Is There.”Kellie Moore10744 Braun Road(210) 688-7707www.kelliemoore.netNeed Help withMedicare?Mike Sosso, a Helotes resident since 1996, has been helping seniors understand and get the best value out of Medicare since 2005. For a no obligation consultation, call me.Mike SossoFounder & Managing Agent Sosso Insurance Group®Call me today for a no cost or obligation consultation.(210) 972-9035GetInsuranceSmart.comFebruary 7Visit our website to book an appointment!

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