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My First Radioyour local geico agent makes bundling simple.Home + Auto = easyLOCAL OFFICERod Musslewhite210-673-2391¡Hablamos Español!Limitations apply. See for more details. GEICO & affiliates. Washington, DC 20076. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2022. © 2022 GEICO. 21_633312129HELOTES DERMA AESTHETICSLocated Inside Helotes MedClinicExpert CareFor Your Skin!Treatment For:ACNE • ROSACEA • SKIN TIGHTENING HYPERPIGMENTATION • SKIN REJUVENATIONServices Include: BOTULINUM TOXIN • (BOTOX®/DYSPORT®) MICRODERMABRASION • PHOTOTHERAPY DERMA FILLERS • SKIN TAGS & MORE!Se Habla Españolwww.helotesdermaaesthetics.com12002 Bandera Rd Suite 111 78023 • (210) 947-26402nd grade, 1st grade, and Kindergarten in the past.Tracy’s passion for teaching blossomed early in her life, dating back to when she was in the 3rd grade. She drew inspiration from her elementary school teachers, but her journey into education began later in life when she became a mother, and her own children were old enough to attend school. Tracy started her educational career as a substitute teacher, gradually transitioning to an Instructional Assistant position inSpecial Education. It was this experience that fueled her decision to pursue a degree specifically in Special Education.Tracy finds her true motivation in witnessing her students’ growth and development at their own pace and in their unique ways every school year. She emphasizes, “Every school year is a new opportunity for me to see my students learn and grow at their own pace and in their own individual ways. Their growth is my true motivation.”By Sonny MelendrezWhen I was 10 years old, I saved up my allowance (a quarter aweek) to send off for my firstradio.Back then, you had to wait 6 weeks for amail order. No Amazon overnight delivery. When it finally arrived, with great anticipation, I opened the package to take my first step into the world of audio enchantment. It was a crystal radio meticulously crafted in the shape of aminiature rocket.The antenna, pulled from the top of myRocket Radio, doubled as the tuner, and a wired clip became the essential link to capture broadcasts from local stations.There was no volume control and amid the crackling sound I could listen to my favorite DJs, delivering my favorite songs through this tiny marvel.For me, the allure had nothing to do with the audio quality; it was the ethereal connection to what was transmitted from the other end – a voice, a show, an emotion.Recently, a friend surprised me with one of these rare radios and I decided to find out if the vintage device still worked.With the oversized earphone, stuck in my ear, I found it difficult, if not impossible to pick up any stations. That was, until I decided to venture outside and attach the clip to metal fence.Suddenly, there it was. That crackling. That sound. That magic!I was 10 years old again.Radio is a phenomenon that continues to astound me – the enduring functionalityof this decades-old technology, capturing the essence of its appeal and purpose.In the realm of audio mediums, none rivals radio in its ability to open the curtains at the theater of the mind. No other medium can touch our imagination like radio.I’ll keep this plastic gem on my desk as a reminder of what I was born to do.Stay tuned.Sonny Melendrezis an award-winningmotivational speaker,Hall of Fame radio/TV host and author,based in San Antonio.For more of his enthusiastic brand of inspiration and speaking information, visit and listen to his podcast.Elementary Teacher-Tracy Ramos,Recognized As Campus Teacher Of The YearTBy Sally Kalosracy Ramos, a dedicated Special Education teacher at Helotes Elementary, has earned well-deserved recognition as the campus teacher of the year for the academic year 2023-2024.When Tracy received the news of her peers voting her as the educator of the year, she was pleasantly surprised and humbled. She shared, “When my principal told me I had been voted as educator of the year by my peers, I really didn’t know how to respond. It was something I didn’t expect because I work with such excellent educators. I feel like I learn so much from them. I’m not sure what I could do to be an influence for them.”However, those who work alongside Tracy see her in a different light and believe that she truly deserves this recognition. Tracy brings a wealth of experience to her role, having served as a Special Education Teacher for 15 years and being part of the NISD (Northside Independent School District) for 18 years. In the current school year, Tracy is dedicated to teaching 4thTracy Ramos, Helotes Elementary Teacher Of The Year.graders, but her expertise extends across various grade levels, including 5th grade,Life After Emancipation in the San Antonio RegionTSubmitted By The Historical Society Of Heloteshe General Meeting of the Historical Society of Helotes will be held Tuesday, February6 at the Gardens at Old Town Helotes at 15060 Antonio Drive from 12:00 to 2:00 pm. At this meeting, guest speaker Cristal Mendez, historian at the San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum, will give a presentation on “Life After Emancipation in the San Antonio Region.”This presentation will explore what life was like for African Americans in San Antonio and surrounding rural areas in the years immediately following emancipation. Formerly enslaved individuals found that freedom came with new challenges involving unfair city ordinances thatkept them from advancing. Still, there were opportunities for civic leaders, entrepreneurs, and communities to flourish. Learn how their legacies have left a lasting impact on San Antonio.A deluxe box lunch from Jason’s Deli can be ordered online at the Historical Society of Helotes website under the Meetings tab. Member cost is $15, guests $18. Order from five menu items.The meal order is your RSVP. If you are not going to order a meal, but plan to attend, please email info@ to RSVP. Reservation/meal order must be made by February 4. Guests who do not order a meal are asked to donate $5 at the door.This meeting is open to the public.February 2024www.heloteshighlights.com5

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