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Legal BriefsChoose A Trust Instead Of A Will – In The Event Of Your IncapacityPBy Kathleen Cassidy Goodman, PLLCeople frequently select a Will over a Trust because they make the assumption that Trusts arereserved for only the wealthiest of people. This is not correct. Initially, a Trust may be more expensive to create; however, a Trust can eliminate or greatly reduce the costs associated with probating a Will at the time of your death by avoiding the need for probate. But a Trust offers many other advantages over a Will.One of the reasons many people prefer a Trust over a Will is that in the event of your incapacity, a Trust provides resources and direction that a Will and your Power of Attorney cannot provide. Essentially, with a Trust you continue to manage your property during your lifetime and designate how your property will be managed during your incapacity and upon your death. Similar to a Will, you are able to designate who will be in charge of your assets upon your death.But, the reason a Trust is preferable to a Will is in the event of your incapacity, you can set out specific instructions detailing what will happen when you no longer have mental capacity. In the event you are no longer able to articulate your desires, yourTrafficking - continued from page 10 suspicions by making their actions appear natural.6. For teens, recognizing grooming can be particularly challenging, especially if the abuser is closer in age. Online grooming often involves adults creating fake profiles and posing as children or teens to befriend and gain trust.7. Parents, be cautious and mindful about who your child interacts with online and encourage open communication about their online experiences. Be alert for signs of secrecy, undue influence, or personal boundary pushing when evaluating a child’s relationship with adults. However, remember that not everyone who is kind to your child has ill intentions, but it is essential to educate your child about risks and boundaries. Let them know they can come to you if anyone crosses a line.If you suspect grooming or have concerns about someone’s behavior, seek professional advice, or report it to properScience Camps!At the Villages of Westcreek June 10Community CenterCrazy ChemistryJune 17FUNky PhysicsJune 24Space and RocketryHours: 9:30am-4:30pm • $300 per weekCall to register: 210-679-8761ScienceGuysofSanAntonio.comTrust will dictate what will happen upon your incapacity with the rules you have outlined in your Trust.When you create your Trust, you can dictate the specific terms regarding your care. For example, you can direct your Trustee to allow you to remain in your home, be provided 24-hour care, allow your care- giver to take you to the movies or travel if possible. In your Trust you can direct that your utilities, cable, yard care, and groceries be paid for from your Trust. While a power of attorney may set out who makes your decisions, a Trust sets out not just who is in charge, but what that person must do to care for you in the event of your incapacity. With a Trust you don’t have to rely upon your POA’s discretion for your care, you can make your decisions in advance.Kathleen Cassidy Goodman is an attorney in areas of estate planning, probate, civil litigation, and business law. She can be reached at her office in Helotes at (210) 949-1000 or for more information, visit www.bexarlaw.comauthorities; call 911 or if it is not life- threatening call Non-Emergency SAPD at 210-207-7273.In summary, social media plays a significant role in facilitating human trafficking by providing a platform to connect with vulnerable individuals and manipulate them into dangerous situations.Special thanks to Meant to Soar Foundation, Goya Cares Foundation, Ransomed Life, Law Corner, ICE Homeland Security Investigations, Save the Children, Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign, University of Texas School of Social Work, and Jack Staton of INS Consulting LLC. Contributions to this series were obtained from these organizations. In future articles prevention, protection, prosecution, and avenues for help will be featured. These articles may protect your child.Next Month: Traffickers Targeting School ChildrenWhat’s Its Current Value?• Insurance Appraisals• Appraised While You Wait & Watch • Fair Market Appraisals• Estate Appraisals• Over 35 Years of Jewelry ExperienceSchedule An Appointment!12274 Bandera Road, Ste. 236www.sanantoniojewelryappraisers.com210-316-8758Start Your Day Making Business ConnectionsASSOCIATION􏰀 Building Business Connectionswww.ar151ba.comMake connections over coffee. Have the opportunity to make a 30 second introduction about your business and plenty of time to network.When: Friday, Aril 26, 2024Time: Check - in 7:45 am - 9:30 am Where: Crossroads Baptist Church(Lower parking in the fellowship hall) 8300 Tezel Rd.San Antonio, TX 78254(corner of Tezel & Guilbeau Rd.)Cost: FREE - Coffee & GoodiesSponsored By: Zenith Freedom Financial ServicesRSVP • 210-744-3488 •’s - continued from page 9 genes in a cell are turned on or off. It also tells the genes within a cell whether they should become neurons or not. Fu found that silencing PTB might produce new neurons in a diseased brain.• Drug treatments: Researchers are investigating drugs that block the action of glutamate, an amino acid that destroys nerve cells, in addition to the role coenzyme Q-10 may play in slowing theprogression of PD.Parkinson’s disease affects millions ofpeople and may gradually steal movement and expression from a person’s life. New treatment possibilities are continually being explored to improve quality of life and slow down the disease.April 11WeeklyRegisteredGemologist AppraiserHCNA/151RBUSOINMEALASS

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